DJI Mavic Pro Comparison with Lily Camera, Staaker, GoPro Karma and Vantage Robotics Snap.DJI Mavic Pro Comparison with Lily Camera, Staaker, GoPro Karma and Vantage Robotics Snap.

The drone market has felt a sudden rush of competition this year with Lily Camera, Staaker, Snap (Vantage Robotics) and Karma (GoPro) all fighting for preorder market share, but how does the new DJI Mavic Pro (available to order now) measure up against these aging campaigns, all of which are still yet to deliver?

DJI just announced their game changing drone, packed with advanced features and built into a small, compact and foldable form.

The DJI Mavic Pro is a game changer and pre-orders are piling up already in preparation for October delivery with many claiming that Mavic is the ultimate drone.

DJI Mavic Leaked Photos
DJI Mavic Pro – Available to purchase here

Customers that have held their long-term commitments with preorder campaigns such as Lily and Snap have been content to persevere through delays and frustration, but the announcement of Mavic should prompt some careful thought for the informed buyer, Mavic has what many of these pre-order campaigns do not.

To ease the decision, we have compiled the specifications of each of the key competitors to form a matrix analysis based on the key selling features. On the summary page we will add up the points acrued through each section.

The following drones are included in this comparison:

It is important to highlight that DroningON has not tested any of these drones directly and consequently this article is a ‘best efforts’ attempt to bring together specifications for comparison. Please do alert us to any mistakes or omissions by using the comments section below.

Also note that any current press/media tests of the pre-order campaigns (Lily, Staaker and Snap) have been based on prototypes, they are all still yet to deliver a production model which may not live up to their commitments.

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