Lily Next-Gen revealed and demonstrated by the Mota Group team as the World Drone Expo in San Jose.

Lily Next-Gen Revealed And Demonstrated As Drone World Expo

The new owners of the Lily brand, Mota Group, has show-cased their new ‘Lily Next-Gen’ product at the Drone World Expo in San Jose, but pre-order customers of the original product are not impressed with this reveal.

The new team behind Lily Next-Gen have spent the past day showcasing and demonstrating the new product to visitors to the Drone World Expo show in San Jose (photos courtesy of Mota Group).

“We’re thrilled to announce Lily Next-Gen™ is taking to the skies at Drone World Expo in San Jose today. We are showing it off to the drone cognoscenti and put it through its paces in the show’s amply sized drone cage.”, Lily via Facebook

The new Lily team are all smiles in a set of photos just posted to their Facebook page, but no video footage of their caged flight has been presented at this time.

But behind the scenes, pre-order customers of the original Lily drone still fail to understand that the ‘Lily’ name is under new ownership and have expressed their anger in response.

Mota Group did not acquire the company or the creditor list, they merely bought rights to the trademarked name ‘Lily’, consequently Mota Group do not owe previous customers financially, nor do they have any obligation to provide a discount to them for the new drone.

Complaints posted to the Lily Facebook page in response to the photos from the Drone World Expo event.
Complaints posted to the Lily Facebook page in response to the photos from the Drone World Expo event.

The above sub-set of comments demonstrates a wider problem, customers and backers of pre-order and crowd-fund campaign continue to fail with researching the companies and projects in which they invest their money.

We warned very early on that the original Lily concept was full of risk but the majority of consumers ignored such advice, or failed to even try to source opinion before investing their money.

Lily Drone Project Fails/Cancelled

The coverage of the Lily failure was wide-spread (led by DroningON) and it is known by most in the drone industry that Mota Group acquired just the name, not the debt, and yet consumers continue to attack without justification.

We are in touch with Mota Group and hope to acquire a demonstration model when available, watch this space.

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