DJI 'Learn To Win' teaser trailerDJI 'Learn To Win' teaser trailer

DJI are on a roll with launches so far this year, only a month ago they launched the DJI Osmo Action, now a new teaser gives us a first look at the new product arriving on the 11th June @ 10.30pm EST.

The new teaser video has just be published on DJI’s YouTube channel, it reveals very little but includes some shots which viewers were perhaps not supposed to see. In our analysis video below, we document and reveal these hidden features.

See the hidden teaser video goodies…

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The teaser trailer provides a date of the 11th June but makes no mention of venue or location, therefore suggesting that this launch will again be discreet and ‘online’ only.

Last year, a photo emerged which leaked the first look at the DJI Mavic 2, the shot also included the DJI Osmo Pocket which was launched shortly after.

Also within the photo is a ground-based looking product (top-left) which so far has not emerged.

Mavic Pro 2
In the top-left of this original Mavic 2 leak photo, there is a ground-based looking product, this may be the new release about to be launched by DJI on the 11th June.

A closer look at this product reveals what appear to be wheels on each side of the vehicle-looking product. The lines of this product also appear similar to those revealed in the DJI teaser video.

We have some additional key observations from taking a closer look at this new teaser video:

  • The teaser shows rapidly spinning wheels or motors.
  • A camera is shown with DJI printed on it, also with an FOV indication of what appears to read 120 degrees.
  • An eight LED indicator appears to show battery charge status.
  • A series of connectors are shown, possibly for hot-swapping components or accessories.
  • Audio accompanying the teaser sounds like racing cars.

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