DJI Spark drone leaked via YouTube video

Leaked ‘DJI Spark’ Video Demonstration & Teardown On YouTube

A video has just appeared on YouTube demonstrating what would appear to be the new DJI Spark drone, illuminated feet and an impressive micro-gimbal which will have Vantage Robotics trembling.

The video, uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘Sami Luo‘, gives no commentary or accompanying information but it does demonstrate the startup of the DJI Spark, as well as an impressive first look at the micro-gimbal attached to it.

An additional video appeared shortly after, showing a component tear-down of the new DJI Spark drone.

We contacted the channel owner, according to him the DJI Spark will including the following specification:

  • The gimbal is 2 axis.
  • Support 4K video shooting.
  • Features front obstacle avoidance.
  • Weighs 190g without battery.
  • Gimbal constructed from plastic material and has 6 dampers.

Be sure to review our full DJI Spark analysis article here which includes a full specification list.

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