Spanish Police (Policia Municipal) use drones in Madrid to warn public of Coronavirus Covid-19 quarantine risk

The DroningON ‘Innovative use of drones’ award definitely goes to the Spanish Policia Municipal this week, they have been using speaker-equipped drones to notify the public of Madrid to get back indoors to reduce spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

With the Covid-19 contagious virus spreading globally, the Spanish Police in Madrid (Policia Municipal) have found a unique way to remind the public of the national quarantine initiative.

Fighting Coronavirus with drones…

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In 2019 DJI announced the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise which featured a speaker attachment, fulfilling the Emergency Services use-case demonstrated in Spain. Many wondered at the time how this accessory might be used, Madrid has now helped to reinforce the ideal scenario.

Shortly after, DJI introduced the DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual which features a FLIR thermal camera, ideal for spotting heat signatures during either day or night.

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