Review and test of the FuriousFPV True-D RX module for Fatshark gogglesReview and test of the FuriousFPV True-D RX module for Fatshark goggles

Our RealACC RX5808 FatShark RX module has served us well with its great UX, efficient diversity switching and decent battery life, but it is time for an upgrade and we have chosen the FuriousFPV True-D module as a suitable replacement.

The FuriousFPV True-D RX module for FatShark goggles.
The FuriousFPV True-D RX module for FatShark goggles.

At only £60/$65 this module represents great value as it incorporates a bright OLED screen, features to automate channel discovery and is firmware upgradeable via USB.

  • True Diversity System Functionality
  • Smooth Switch Video Switching Technology
  • Raceband Channel Ready
  • Multiple Channel Modes – Auto, Manual & Working Modes
  • Ultra Compact
  • Built In Easy View LCD Screen for the Ultimate in Setup Ease
  • Ergonomic & Robust 3 Button Layout
  • Single Press Button via FatShark Goggles or TRUE-D System
  • Power On / Power Off Functionality To Conserve Power &
  • Reduce Thermal Loading
  • Increased RSSI with Better Antenna Switching Algorithm
  • Built In Low Power Buzzer
  • Separate Modules To Decrease Thermal Loading
  • New Micro USB type B Port for Easy Firmware Updates

Despite being on the market for some time, the v3.6 module is a fairly recent release and includes some important updates to the plastic injection cover, added protection for the OLED screen in transportation, new locking system between True-D boards and cover to prevent short circuit and USB plug-in without removing the plastic cover

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Where to buy…

The FuriousFPV True-D module is available to buy from numerous retailers, ours was provided by BangGood and links are below. Additional products featured or mentioned within the review are also listed.

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