Charge DJI Mavic Pro Batteries On The Move With Energen DroneMax M10 – Full Test/Review

When travelling or on the move with your Mavic Pro, there is nothing worse than flat batteries. The DroneMax M10 from Energen might be an answer, capable of charging two DJI Mavic Pro batteries concurrently, 20% faster than any other method.

We were sent the DroneMax M10 for review and following a detailed inspection, we tested its capacity through a partially scientific test, charging two DJI Mavic Pro batteries concurrently.

The Energen DroneMax M10 DJI Mavic Pro portable charger, tested and inspected by us.
The Energen DroneMax M10 DJI Mavic Pro portable charger, tested and inspected by us.

The results were really positive, but the decision looms for most consumers as to whether they would prefer the DroneMax M10 above buying two DJI Mavic Pro batteries instead.

The benefit of this portable unit is that it does not just provide charging for two batteries but also for other USB powered products, including the transmitter, mobile phones and even drones such as the DJI Spark which can be charged via USB.

Watch our video review…

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Where to buy…

The Energen DroneMax M10 is available from retail outlets but is cheaper online via Amazon with the following links:

The positives…

❍ Charges batteries 20% faster than DJI mains charger.
❍ Charges two batteries concurrently instead of one at a time.
❍ Costs less than buying two DJI Mavic Pro batteries.
❍ Includes USB output for charging transmitter/phones/etc.
❍ Features 86 lumens flash-light.
❍ Heavily ruggedised and drop-proof.

The negatives…

❍ Weighs twice as much as two Mavic Pro batteries.
❍ Takes around 4hrs to charge fully.
❍ Only sufficient capacity to charge 2 batteries.
❍ Expensive, despite being cheaper than batteries.

Full specification…

The full technical specification for this drone is as follows, based on their current published technical information:

ModelBattery Capacity
Battery Life
Output for Mavic Baatteries
Output for USB
USB Charging Ports
Battery Charging Ports
Charging Time
Operation Temperature
99 Wh
Cycles < 500
DC 13.05V / 6A x 1 or 3A x 2
5V / 2.4A x1 (SCT)
DC 21V
Approx. 4hrs
23°F ~ 104°F / -5 ~ 40°CC
2.2 LB / 0.97 KG
104mm x 46mm x 184 mm

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