Cheerson CX60 Fighting Drones ReviewCheerson CX60 Fighting Drones Review

No longer are we just using drones to capture photo and video, manufacturers are starting to get adventurous and the introduction of the brilliant Cheerson CX60 is just the start of a 2-player drone revolution.

Drones are moving beyond basic flight, this new set from Cheerson lets two players battle it out in the skies using infrared beams and a clever app which evolves as you play the game, unlocking new skills and tactics.

Cheerson CX60 Fighting Drones Review
Cheerson CX60 Fighting Drones Review

At only £60/$80 the set incorporates not one but two quadcopters, it also bundles all accessories needed including batteries, chargers, spare props and a downloadable app for either Android or iOS platforms.

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The positives…

  • These two drones are well made by Cheerson and great quality, they’re also lightweight.
  • They fly really well and have lots of power, plus the three sensitivity settings are really useful to match your skill set.
  • For beginners they’re easy to learn and fly, and the altitude hold is a nice feature which will help too. There is barely any lag when controlling these drones from your phone and so even having no transmitter isn’t a negative.
  • For two quadcopters, batteries, charger, a good app and nice packaging, these are Cheap! Only £60 (around $80) which represents brilliant value for what is great fun.
  • They give approximately 5 minutes flight time which is good enough for 1-2 games although you will be craving more when the batteries run out.
  • Talking of batteries, the 30 minutes charging time isn’t bad at all and it gives you time to spend the coins that you’ve won on upgrading your drone powers via the app.
  • They are safe and even crashproof, the integral prop guards stop the props from hitting you and also protect your house. We crashed ours quite a few times and yet they incurred no damage at all, so they’re tough little quadcopters.
  • I didn’t cover this in the video but they even work nicely outside and the range was impressive too, but only fly them on a fairly calm day because otherwise its not possible to battle so easily.

The negatives…

  • There is no hover stabilisation mechanism such as GPS or optical flow camera and so these will drift even indoors and of course especially outdoors.
  • The set only include one battery per drone and spare batteries don’t appear to be available yet but the creative amongst you could easily adapt the battery slot to take a standard lithium polymer 2 cell battery.
  • Clearly there is no obstacle avoidance and so you may find yourself bumping into objects and people.
  • Finally there is no headless mode which would make controlling these much easier for beginners, but its all good practice.

Where/what to buy…

For more information or to buy the Cheerson CX60 Fighting Drone set, click the following link.

Cheerson CX-60 Fighting Drones

Cheerson CX60 Fighting Drones Review
Cheerson CX60 Fighting Drones Review

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