The DroningON review of the new KingKong 90GT Brushless Micro FPV Racer.The DroningON review of the new KingKong 90GT Brushless Micro FPV Racer.

The first micro brushless that we reviewed from KingKong was good, the Q90 impressed us as an entry-level mini FPV racer, but the new model, the 90GT is even better. We have now added our Part 2 Flight Test video, see below and enjoy!

Flight test of the new KingKong 90GT!
Flight test of the new KingKong 90GT from GearBest

Despite the slightly clunky design of the earlier KingKong Q90 model, it flew well and was pretty crash resistant, but the specification lacked elements which have since become the ‘norm’ on such FPV racers.

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KingKong have since launched the new 90GT which is a far superior quad, with slim-line design, 4-in-1 ESC (speed controller) board which even runs BLHeli.  At 10g lighter than its predecessor it is also quicker and more agile.

Watch our video review…

Due to our desire to provide comprehensive video reviews but without extending them beyond 20 minutes, we have split this review video into two parts. Please be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel to for notification of our latest reviews!

Part 1 – Unboxing, RX Install, TX Binding and Flight Controller Configuration (BetaFlight)

Part 2 – Flight Setup & Flight Test (LOS and FPV)

YouTube Thumbnail for the KingKong GT90 Flight Test video
YouTube Thumbnail for the KingKong GT90 Flight Test video

You can see our review of the old KingKong Q90 below…

The positives…

❍ Well constructed, durable and crash resistant
❍ Good package and even includes prop guards
❍ More refined/compact 4-in-1 brushless ESC
❍ Very stable in-flight and well tuned PIDs
❍ Great camera, vibrant with great contrast
❍ AC800 RX impressed, not bad VTX either
❍ Approximately 3 minutes flight time

The negatives…

❍ No lost-model/low-voltage buzzer
❍ Integral RX, would be neater/tidier
❍ Non-adjustable FPV camera angle
❍ Poor quality props, easily broken
❍ Slightly underpowered, needs more thrust
❍ No OSD (On Screen Display)

Where/what to buy…

Here’s our recommendation on the products and accompanying accessories that you’ll need to fly the KingKong Q90 brushless.

KingKong 90GT Brushless
KingKong Q90 Brushless

KingKong 90GT Spare Props
KingKong 90GT Spare Motors
King Kong 90GT/Q90 Spare VTX

Recommended accessories:
FrSky AC800 Receiver or
FrSky XSR Receiver or
FrSky XM+ Receiver

FrSky Taranis Q7 Transmitter
FrSky Taranis X9D Transmitter
SkyRC Q200 Charger

The front facing fixed-angle camera of the new KingKong 90GT!
The front facing fixed-angle camera of the new KingKong 90GT!

KingKong 90GT ESC Calibration…

A few drone-fans have mentioned that they have had issues with the motors on KingKong 90GT, the symptoms include flipping when trying to take off and general instability.

There is a simple cure which should be performed even if you are not experiencing issues, as it will ensure that your motors and speed controllers are synchronised. This procedure is also shown within our Part 1 review video.

  1. Ensure that the battery is not connected to the quadcopter.
  2. Connect the USB from the flight controller to BetaFlight.
  3. Head to the ‘Motors’ tab and check the warning checkbox, now slide the ‘Master’ slider up to maximum throttle.
  4. Plug the battery into the quadcopter (don’t worry, the motors won’t fire up) and wait for the beeping to stop.
  5. Now slide the slider to its lowest setting and wait for the beeping to stop.
  6. Disconnect the battery and quadcopter from the USB cable.

And that’s it, the above steps will calibrate the quadcopter which can improve performance and stability.

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