GoPro Karma Unboxing ReviewGoPro Karma Unboxing Review

The new GoPro Karma was available to purchase for the first time this week and some consumers jumped at the opportunity. Just today the first unboxing video of the GoPro Karma has appeared on YouTube.

The new GoPro Karma was announced in August and has discreetly arrived with customers, demonstrated by this first unboxing video which appeared on the YouTube platform today. The video, uploaded by  shows the customer removing the Karma and associated kit from its included storage case.

The video shows the GoPro Karma shipped with the Hero5 camera already fitted and without it’s traditional retail packaging. The motors are protected by small plastic cups. The user, without reading the instructions, immediately turns on the Karma and the dedicated transmitter unit before setting it to one side.

A small bag contains grip accessories including charging cables, the gimbal grip itself appears to be fairly large when picked up by the user. Props are included within a cardboard box and supplied with removal tools, lastly the user picks up the instruction manual.

The user has also uploaded a flight test video, his flight at low level over a main and busy highway is a concern.

Earlier this week, rumours were circulating that GoPro were experiencing production issues and that shipping had been halted, but the appearance of this video would suggest otherwise. We hope to discover this week whether GoPro have done enough to battle the newly launched DJI Mavic Pro.

As more videos appear, we will update this article. Please comment below if you have a GoPro Karma on order and tell us whether or not it has arrived!

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