Walkera Rodeo 150 FPV RacerWalkera Rodeo 150 FPV Racer

Following our review of the Walkera F210 3D, we just had to test out the smaller sibling, the Walkera Rodeo 150. A smart and compact FPV racer for under £220/$250, with everything that you need to fly it included in the box!

It has been out for a few months now and has been popular amongst those that have tested and reviewed it, therefore we were desperate to put it through its paces ourselves.

We were lucky to have been provided with a test model from BuzzFlyer and so gave it a thorough unboxing, inspection, setup and test flight, in both LOS and FPV modes.

Enjoy the video and please comment to tell us your thoughts, and feel free to like and share too of course.


Our verdict is a positive one, this little quadcopter is solid in the air despite its minimal weight and size. Here are the summary points that we illustrate at the end of our review.

The positives

  • Feels very agile and responsive in the air.
  • Great value and is ready-to-fly out of the box.
  • Camera has a really good FOV (110 degrees).
  • Feels very natural in FPV Non-Stabilised model.
  • Is lightweight but has authority during flight.

The Negatives

  • Awkward battery bay and connectors.
  • Bundled charger is too basic and is slow to charge.
  • Antenna and mount is vulnerable to being broken.
  • Battery warning beep is too quiet.
  • No HUD (Heads Up Display) from the VTX.
  • Would benefit from a 3S battery instead of 2S.
  • Ships with EC2 connectors instead of the more popular JST.

Thanks again to BuzzFlyer for providing the Rodeo 150 for review, be sure to checkout their website and latest offers.

BuzzFlyer.co.uk - Retailer of RC products, quadcopters, multirotors, helicopters and more!
BuzzFlyer.co.uk – Retailer of RC products, quadcopters, multirotors, helicopters and more!

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