AOMWay Antenna Review and ComparisonAOMWay Antenna Review and Comparison

FPV is all about the quality of the picture that you see through your headset/goggles, the better the video signal the more satisfying the experience. In this review, we test a helical directional antenna to see if it provides gains over a basic mushroom/circular antenna.

Watch our full video review below.

This antenna is not at the premium end of the spectrum and can be bought for a reasonable $15/£12 from HobbyKing or BangGood, considering the low cost we did not expect miracles.

Packaged in a basic branded cardboard box, the antenna is of fairly good build quality, does not feel cheap nor fragile. Fortunately its weight is minimal and so consequently it will not substantially increase the weight of the FPV headset when fitted.

AOMWay Helical Antenna
The AOMWay Helical Antenna, with its 7-8 turn helical design, unboxed and inspected.

Our testing of this antenna was only at fairly short range, just less than half a kilometer (500m). We were specifically looking at signal quality rather than an increase in range for this test, during which we obtained a stronger signal via the traditional circular mushroom antenna, which was supplied with the FatShark SE headset.

Range testing the AOMWay Antenna vs the standard Fatshark Mushroom Antenna

We intend on conducting further tests to look specifically at range, and a future review will demonstrate the utilization of this antenna with a diversity receiver to give a compromise between the two antenna styles.

AOMWay Helical Antenna
The AOMWay Helical Antenna connected to a diversity receiver.

Overall at this time, we have mixed feelings regarding this antenna, despite its low price, it does not appear to give improved video reception strength – but we also accept that it may give extended range and are yet to test that element.

You can buy the AOMWay 11Dbi 7-Turn Helical Antenna from either BangGood or HobbyKing using the following links:

– BangGood:
– HobbyKing:

You can also visit the official AOMWay Website by clicking here.

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