OnagoFly Review Part 2OnagoFly Review Part 2

Just last month we reviewed OnagoFly’s first release, or at least tried, but due to battery/wifi/charger issues we couldn’t quite finish, this time we were more successful.

OnagoFly Review (Part 2)…

After reporting our findings to OnagoFly and in addition to them reviewing our video review, we were provided with a replacement ‘OnagoFly Updated v1.0’. We were told that this new and enhanced version would resolve many of the issues experienced previously, and to a point it did but there were still some issues.

Click the video below to view our full second review:

OnagoFly Review Part 2
OnagoFly Review Part 2

OnagoFly In Summary…

From thoroughly testing this mini-drone, we came to the following conclusions:

  • Tilt Mode is good for new pilots but take care when yawing OnagoFly as this can be confusing.
  • Manual Joystick GPS mode needs to be given time for OnagoFly to stabilise in flight, only use when the GPS indicator is red unless flying indoors (not recommended).
  • Follow Me mode depends on the subject not moving too slowly, it also requires stabilised flight before turning on. Also ensure that the altitude is sufficient to capture the subject in shot.
  • Video quality is sharp but the wobble and unstable nature of the OnagoFly is very disappointing.
  • Flat-Battery Auto-Land is a nice feature but is uncontrollable once OnagoFly starts descending.
  • Wireless will not be visible if no SD card is inserted when powering up.
  • Apple iOS devices must be connected to OnagoFly WiFi before starting the OnagoFly App.
  • ONagoFly must be on a level surface before pressing the ‘Power’ button, then leave it until it emits a beep.
  • Undo the underside battery connector when charging and after every single flight.
  • Heat from the battery is excessive which is sat directly on top of the WiFi module and potentially is the cause for their failure.
  • Obstacle Avoidance is dangerous, turn it off.

Overall, this mini-drone does indeed have potential but whether OnagoFly are capable of listening to their backers and implementing the required changes is yet to be seen.

If you have an OnagoFly, tell us about your experiences by comments below, and also join the discussion here.