Drone vs Russian MI-24 Helicopter Near-Miss - REAL or FAKE?Drone vs Russian MI-24 Helicopter Near-Miss - REAL or FAKE?

A shared video on social media is purporting to show a near-miss between a drone and a Russian MI-24 ‘Hind’ helicopter, but is this footage real or the result of an elaborate CGI/special-effects hoax?

Real or fake, you decide…

Watch our full analysis of this clip below and comment on whether you believe this footage to be real, or fake.

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Many aviation and Military blogs online are reporting this incident as fact while the reality of this clip does not appear to be authentic.

While the raw footage may indeed have been captured by drone, the rest of the clip displays questionable oddities.

  • The turbulence movement after the helicopter passes the drone looks very staged/CGI, the recovery of the drone and gimbal within just 1 second is almost impossible given the force of wind-flow towards a drone being passed by rotating helicopter blades.
  • The resolution of the clip looks intentionally downgraded to avoid full inspection of the helicopter detail, 480p is an unusual resolution for such a clip to appear.
  • The precise location is unknown and therefore there is no way to determine if this footage is recent or old, on to which the helicopter has been layered on using CGI.
  • The source is unknown, the video appeared on social media with no validated or credible originator.

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