What happens when DJI exec, seagull and Mavic Air meet?What happens when DJI exec, seagull and Mavic Air meet?

When Adam Lisberg (DJI Executive in NYC Office) was flying his DJI Mavic Air while on vacation, he didn’t expect a seagull to pass so close, fortunately his drone was ready to take evasive action.

The DJI Director of Corporate Communications for North America was holidaying in Long Beach Island, New Jersey, he had brought along his portable folding drone to capture some holiday shots.

“I don’t usually wake up at sunrise, but this was our first morning here, so I walked over to the beach to try to capture the light. I checked a couple of flight apps to make sure it was safe to fly, looked both ways for helicopters and small planes, and took off. 

I rarely get to fly in wide-open spots like this, so I played with all the QuickShot modes — Helix, Dronie, etc. — which looked great on the beach. The camera did a terrific job handling the exposure shock between looking into the sun and looking away from it.” Adam Lisberg, DJI

Adam explains that for his final shot before landing, he decided to film a swooping action above his head, little did he know that a seagull was about to ‘photo-bomb’.

Watch Adam’s Seagull Encounter…

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“I didn’t even see the seagull until I played the video! It’s funny to watch the drone suddenly shudder to a halt, but it’s also good to know the obstacle sensing system works even for something as small as a bird. Glad it ended safely for all of us.” Adam Lisberg, DJI

Have you countered seagulls or birds whilst filming with your drone? If so, comment below and give us details!

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