The latest DJI Osmo Pocket firmware update v01.06.00.20 to resolve the focus pulsing issues.

Since launch, the DJI Osmo Pocket has suffered from AFC focus-pulsing issues during static position and moving use, but the latest V01.06.00.20 firmware is said to reduce this irritating bug.

We reviewed the DJI Osmo Pocket during initial launch and noticed that at times the focus would visibly pulse when moving between subjects, or even when mounted statically, it was hoped that this bug would be an early teething issue resolved quickly via firmware update.

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Many months later, the issue had persisted but this latest release is said to reduce the pulsing effect to a minimum and our testing has proven positive.

DJI Osmo Pocket accessories, reviewed and previewed!
DJI Osmo Pocket accessories, reviewed and previewed!

The latest update to the DJI Osmo Pocket includes a number of additional enhancements which will appeal to owners.

  • Added a tip prompt and display icon when connecting to an external microphone.
  • Added option in settings to turn off the beeping sound when pressing buttons.
  • Optimised the UI of ‘Pro’ mode.
  • Optimised ‘Face Detection’.
  • Reduced focus pulsing when switching between scenes.

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