Osmo Pocket tripod and gopro mount from SunnylifeOsmo Pocket tripod and gopro mount from Sunnylife

Accessories for the impressive DJI Osmo Pocket can be quite expensive, but this new tripod and GoPro compatible mount from SunnyLife definitely won’t break the bank at only $6/£5.

The Osmo Pocket arrived last year and ever since owners have been enthusiastic to stock-up on the latest accessories and add-ons created for it.

DJI has been busy producing innovative Osmo Pocket accessories but third-party manufacturers are keeping up by producing budget accessories which do an equally impressive job.

From SunnyLife this new Osmo Pocket tripod mount has arrived, it has an incorporated GoPro-compatible mount built into it and therefore opens up a wide range of possibilities for action, sports and more.

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Where to buy…

You can buy the SunnyLife Osmo Pocket mount for only $6/£5 from BangGood, a website which we love and have used ever since entering into the drone hobby.

BangGood ship globally and while orders can take a few weeks to arrive, you will always pay the lowest price possible for products

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