The ARFun 95 Pro review, unboxing, Betaflight inspection, setup and flight test!

ARFun 95 Pro Unboxing, Setup, BetaFlight And Flight Test Review

Brushless micro quadcopters are getting quicker and quicker, the new ARFun 95 Pro is no exception and is bundled with quite a generous specification. We just reviewed it, and we loved it except for a few minor technical issues which can be easily resolved.

For under £100/$120, this quadcopter features all of the following impressive features, the frame specifically is quite incredible due to its slender yet strong design:

  • True “X” carbon fiber frame, perfectly symmetrical (3mm).
  • Mini F3 FC + OSD
  • 4-in-1 BLHeli – S 20A ESC which uses the latest DShot signals
  • 5.8G VTX, 48CH wide coverage within 200m range
  • Powerful DYS BE1104 brushless motor. Each = 118g thrust.
  • Gemfan BN2035 four-blade propellers, reinforced.
  • Programmable LED with 80dB buzzer.
The rigid and strong 3mm carbon fibre frame of the ARFun 95Pro, without question one of the best features of this quadcopter.
The rigid and strong 3mm carbon fibre frame of the ARFun 95Pro, without question one of the best features of this quadcopter.

Our issue however is with the 600TVL HD CMOS camera, it is unfortunately too sensitive to light and just is not great quality, but that can be replaced along with the VTX.

Watch our video review…

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The positives…

  • It flies solidly and reliably with the factory PIDs.
  • The optimised and efficient props are very quiet.
  • Loads of power, fastest brushless so far.
  • Is feature-packed, buzzer, OSD and LEDs.
  • Good value, for £100/$120 it is well worth the money.

The negatives…

  • Camera does not handle light changes very well.
  • Camera angle cannot be adjusted and mount method is not good.
  • The battery strap included does not quite work with this quad.
  • VTX signal strength is not great, swap out the antenna.

Where to buy…

Our review unit came from GearBest, it arrived safely and packaged securely within just a week, without tax or duty to pay.

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