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DroningON was born in December 2015, since then our community and readership has grown to levels that we did not expect at all, and we owe that to you, our readers and fans.

Where did it all start?

Starting initially as a community Facebook group to assist backers of a flawed quadcopter project called ‘Zano’, DroningON was the product of coincidence and perhaps fate. An initially small community which grew rapidly, helping members to recover their funds from a failed quadcopter project in which many thousands had invested.

The flawed 'Zano' kickstarter project, which consequently prompted the creation of DroningON.
The flawed ‘Zano’ kickstarter project, which consequently prompted the creation of DroningON.

After successfully assisting many backers, the group rebranded becoming ‘DroningON’, to avoid losing what had by then become a great and enthusiastic community.

I have made many new contacts and friends through my work in building this community, I am very proud of it and those that have contributed in making is an exceptionally good place to be.

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What else is DroningON doing?

Shortly after the growth of our Facebook Discussion Group, this website ( was born and became host to our first independent quadcopter review, of yet another trouble quadcopter crowd-fund project, ‘OnagoFly’.

This two-part review became the first set of videos on our new YouTube DroningON channel.

Nine months later, our YouTube channel now hosts over 28 videos incorporating reviews, tutorials and even ‘on-the-road’ trips to drone and quadcopter shows.

In October 2016, our YouTube channel hit a milestone of 1,000 subscribers and after just two months we are already positively enroute to 2,000.

The channel is rising in popularity on a daily basis and at this time the videos together have generated over 130,000 views. Subscriptions are rising on a daily basis, if you are not already subscribe, you can do so here.

The DroningON YouTube channel, which is now host to over 28 videos.
The DroningON YouTube channel, which is now host to over 28 videos.

Where else have we appeared?

DroningON has become a well respected name on TV and media, we have been featured nationally appearing just yesterday ITV News giving advice about safe drone flying, also on ‘Made In Cardiff TV’ a few weeks ago.

DroningON appearing on the national ITV News.
DroningON appearing on the national ITV News.

What is next for DroningON?

We intend on maintaining our absolute neutrality and honesty, in providing unbiased news, guides, tutorials and specifically reviews of products without our views being ‘bought’ by manufacturers.

Too many reviewers accept any quadcopter offered to them for review, afraid to provide a public negative opinion if the product does not live up to its promises.

DroningON will always be honest, provide detailed and fair reviews of products and try to review the products that our viewers/readers want us to review.

So, finally a sincere thank you…

DroningON could not be what it is today without the support of you, our loyal readers and viewers. We want to shape ourselves to provide you with the news, articles, reviews and content that you want to see and so please do comment at the bottom of the page to let us know of your views, suggestions and recommendations.

So, keep ‘DroningON’ and have a brilliant Xmas and New Year break, we will see you in 2017!

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