Walkera Rodeo 150 Tips & Tricks

Walkera Rodeo 150 Tips, Tricks and Tuning Guide

Earlier this year, we reviewed the excellent Walkera Rodeo 150, an RTF FPV racing quadcopter. We loved it and have just put together a tips, tricks and tuning guide, as well as an introduction to configuring your quadcopter via Cleanflight.

The impressive little Walkera Rodeo 150, with inbuilt receiver, FPV camera and transmitter and flight controller.
The impressive little Walkera Rodeo 150, with inbuilt receiver, FPV camera and transmitter and flight controller.

Its great out-of-the-box, but…

The Rodeo 150 is a well balanced aircraft straight out of the box but as your FPV skills evolve, you will want to push more performance out of this quadcopter.

The firmware running on the Rodeo 150 Flight Controller is ‘Cleanflight’, this is easily configurable via your PC or even mobile phone (if you have the appropriate cable), through this configuration you can tweak the performance and setup.

Enjoy our video guide…

Enjoy our video which explains all of these concepts and please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, comment, like and SHARE the video to others.

Within the above video, we cover the following tweaks:

  • Preparation and safety when configuring.
  • Installing Cleanflight and setting up drivers.
  • Tip 1 – Change the Rodeo 150 Arm/Disarm to a switch.
  • Tip 2 – Assign Rodeo 150 beeper to a switch.
  • Tip 3 – Enable Air-Mode on Rodeo 150.
  • Tip 4 – Enable OneShot125 on Rodeo 150
  • Disconnection and Testing.

Where to buy the Walkera Rodeo 150…

If you are yet to buy the Walkera Rodeo 150, watch our review of it to see how to set it up and fly it. We have even included some onboard DVR footage to showcase the onboard camera via FPV.

BUY THE RODEO 150 (without transmitter or charger)
► White: https://goo.gl/lIhMG8
► Black: https://goo.gl/Znbfqb

BUY THE RODEO 150 (with transmitter)
► Black: https://goo.gl/a36vJ6
► White: https://goo.gl/b76Pph OR https://goo.gl/3VqLyW

https://goo.gl/SHQyad OR https://goo.gl/hoZvAv

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