DJI AeroScope, their new drone identification, tracking and trace system, allowing safety officials to track consumer drones.DJI AeroScope, their new drone identification, tracking and trace system, allowing safety officials to track consumer drones.

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Incorrect Gimbal Tilt/Wonky Horizon?

DJI Mavic Pro Wonky Horizon/Gimbal Tilt

SOLUTION: There are some basic fixes to try below, but if the problem persists then owners should notify DJI Support and raise a new Customer Support case.

This is a common issue with past DJI drones and it can be easily corrected through the following measures:

  • Run a Gimbal Calibration by first setting your drone on a flat surface, then locate the option accessible via the ‘Settings’ menu, then select the ‘Gimbal’ sub-menu, finally click the ‘Gimbal Auto Calibration’ option and allow the process to complete.
  • If still tilted, use the ‘Adjust Gimbal Roll’ option, accessible from the same location as above, tweaking the value until the horizen appears level.

Can I/Should I Fly Plastic Gimbal Dome Fitted?


SOLUTION: Do not fly with the plastic dome fitted to the Mavic Pro as the dome blocks the camera/gimbal cooling vent, there is also a risk that the cover may fall off during flight with wear/tear.

Many users are confused as to whether or not they can or should be flying with the clear plastic dome fitted over the gimbal and camera.

This accessory is only provided to protect the camera and the delicate gimbal during transport, the intention is not for users to fly with it attached.

There are two core reasons for not flying with the gimbal protector attached to the drone:

  1. The fitment of this dome can become loose and therefore it must be removed before flight as it could easily detach from the drone and fall. The clips have been reported as snapping over time.
  2. There is a cooling vent behind the camera/gimbal assembly, by flying with the gimbal cover fitted, the cooling design is blocked and this can cause the Mavic to overheat.

Capturing video or photos with the dome fitted may result in poor image quality, blur and clouding, as well as reflections from light sources.

Only Received Two Spare Props?

DJI Mavic Pro Spare Props

SOLUTION: This is normal and not an issue. Only the Combo set includes 4 spare props. The regular package only includes 2.

The DJI Mavic Pro is shipped with two of the props already fitted, four more props are provided within the box, two to be fitted immediately to the Mavic Pro and then there is a spare set.

Previously, DJI provided two spare props with their quadcopters but due to the folding nature of the Mavic Pro props, it is likely that to reduce cost DJI opted to provide only two spares instead.

It should also be noted that the ‘Fly More Combo’ provides two additional spares, therefore giving you four spare props in total. You can also order additional Mavic Pro props from the DJI Shop for under $10.

Can I Fly Using A Tablet Instead Of Phone?

DJI Mavic Pro Tablet Holder Accessory
DJI Mavic Pro Tablet Holder Accessory

SOLUTION: Whilst third party tablet holders do exist, we would recommend for owners to wait for DJI or a well-respected and established manufacturer to provide an official tablet accessory.

Yes it is possible but at this time there is no official ‘Tablet Holder’ available from DJI. Third-party tablet holders have appeared on various Facebook groups but they have not yet been thoroughly tested nor certified as reliable.

Some users have reported that the arms of the transmitter will support a tablet if the connection cable is first removed and a regular cable used instead, however there is a chance that your tablet may fall out during flight.

My Footage Is Blurry?

SOLUTION: This is normal and not an issue. The Mavic Pro features a new ‘Touch Focus’ feature, before shooting video of photos, touch the area of the screen that you wish for Mavic to focus on.

Unlike previous DJI drone models, the DJI Mavic Pro introduces ‘Touch To Focus’ which provides you with more flexibility to improve the sharpness and clarity of aerial shots. However the new feature has confused many, including early reviewers, as it was not made particularly obvious in the software.

It is simple to use, when flying and with your shot framed, touch the screen on the object that you wish to have primary focus. Watch the above video for full instructions.

As a neat trick, you can also programme the C1 and C2 buttons (underneath the controller) for focus, then you simply press one of the buttons before capturing your photo to ensure that the picture is focused!

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