RealACC RX5808 FPV Fat Shark Diversity ModuleRealACC RX5808 FPV Fat Shark Diversity Module

Fat Shark FPV Goggles require a receiver to be installed and there is much choice on the market, but this new RealACC diversity budget module provides great value for money at under $50.

Module Receiver Modules for headsets such as the Fat Shark range generally provide you with minimal information due to the lack of a screen but that has changed with the RealACC RX5808 due to its built in OLED display.

Module Specifications…

  • RealACC RX5808 Receiver
  • Frequency: 5.8 Ghz
  • Channel: 40ch
  • All-In-One Integrated Receiver
  • Special for Fatshark Goggles
  • OLED Display
  • Auto Scan and Band Scanner
  • Channel Switch in 25ms
  • Plug and Play

This compact and integrated module has been introduced to succeed the split version which is installed utilising a cable from one side of the headset to the other, but this is untidy and so this new module is a welcome addition.

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The Positives…

During our review and testing, we loved the following elements of this new receiver unit:

  • The compact and single integrated design.
  • Bright and high resolution OLED display.
  • Intuitive GUI and UX, simple to navigate menus.
  • Band Scanner is very impressive and useful if flying at a crowded field to find a free/spare channel.
  • Auto Scanner makes it easy and quick to get into the air and flying when setting up a new aircraft.

The Negatives…

Whilst there were many positives, this module has a few negatives which hopefully will be addressed in a future version:

  • Additional current drain of approximately 1.5x/2.0x (speculated figures from RC Groups discussions concerning this module).
  • The 3D printed cover does not secure fully to the headset and could easily come lose.
  • A little bit heavy, not noticible when fitted to the headset but lighterweight would be nicer.
  • Antenna connectors are a little too close to each other, meaning that a 90 degree connector is required.
  • The unit ships with a separate ‘buzzer’ unit, this would be better if minimised and integrated into the PCB.

Where To Buy…

You can view additional information regarding this module on the BangGood website (from where we bought ours) or from your local RC retailer.

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