DJI Phantom 4 DroneDJI Phantom 4 Drone

The technical consumer website TheVerge has just reviewed the new DJI Phantom 4 Drone, and they loved it. You can buy the Phantom 4 (lowest price) of £995 from BangGood – click here!

DJI’s Phantom 4: a drone so smart a three-year-old can fly it…”

Their review focused on the fresh and innovative functionality introduced with the new flagship Phantom 4 model, specifically the ‘AutoTrack’ feature.

“Subject tracking was great when it worked, but typically took several tries before locking on. It would often say the subject was too small, or too far away. I found it worked best when you were ten or twelve feet from your target. It was very good at following a single person, but would lose them if they crossed paths with another person wearing similar colors, or if the person you chose wandered into a group.”

They also tested the new Obstacle Avoidance technology, a feature implementation attempted by many of the recent crowd-funded quadcopters/drones but achieved by none before now. The only complaint related to the front-facing nature of the Phantom 4’s obstacle avoidance, this renders it incapable of avoiding potential collisions when travelling sideways.

“The limitation here is that you are mostly moving in one direction — forward _ which is the only direction in which the obstacle avoidance works. The sensors have a 60 degree field of view, meaning you can only turn at a roughly 30 degree angle, all the while moving forward. If you want to execute a tight turn or head back the way you came from, you’ll need to get on the control sticks or use the automatic “return to home” function.”

In conclusion they awarded this impressive new drone with a stunning 9/10 score, stating that the only true negatives of this quadcopter are the price and the provision of only a single battery, but loyal DJI owners are familiar with these downsides and as such they are yet to put off buyers.

“…The pace of innovation being set by DJI is breathtaking…”

Read the full DJI Phantom 4 review here and watch their video review below.

You can buy the Phantom 4 (lowest price) of £995 from BangGood – click here!