A product of the IndieGoGo Crowd Funding website, the Micro Drone 3 by ‘Extreme Fliers‘ created a storm in mid-2015/2016 by raising $3.3m (approximately £2.3m) in funding revenue.

We were desperate to review Micro Drone 3 upon it’s release and were fortunate enough to have been sent a production model to unbox, explore and then fly.

So, here’s our full review video, close-up inspection and first flight review. Towards the latter part of the video we also include some onboard video and external shots as well as bonus video of the MD3 in ‘Stunt Mode’.

Click the video below to watch (via YouTube)…

Micro Drone 3 Unboxing, Inspection and Flight Test
Micro Drone 3 Unboxing, Inspection and Flight Test

This was the third incarnation of the micro quadcopter (also known affectionately as the ‘MD3’) and the promotional video had set high expectations amongst the investors, unfortunately some of the scenic shots in this video were construed by many backers as if shot by the MD3, a valuable lesson which should by now have been learnt by most crowd-funding projects.