Parrot and Survae announce partnership to pair enterprise drone imagery with interactive mappingParrot and Survae announce partnership to pair enterprise drone imagery with interactive mapping

Parrot, a leading European drone manufacturer, and Survae, the leading software platform for managing aerial and ground-based imagery, today launched a partnership through Parrot’s SDK program to combine Parrot’s ANAFI and ANAFI Thermal hardware and Survae’s software for professional drone use.

Parrot’s ANAFI and ANAFI Thermal drones offer an ultra-compact tool for professionals, helping them gain new vantage points to make informed decisions using the drone’s aerial insights. In addition to its built-in 4K HDR camera, ANAFI Thermal also integrates a FLIR® thermal sensor— allowing working professionals to easily capture thermal and visual readings for faster response times, along with higher precision and efficiency.

The new Parrot Anafi Thermal in action above solar panels.
The new Parrot Anafi Thermal in action above solar panels.

Survae is a next-generation software platform helping enterprise, government and NGOs to visualize and understand places and events by automating video and image processing from a wide range of ground-based and aerial cameras. The company’s cloud-based platform incorporates video, images and sensor data into interactive maps and timelines, providing geospatial and temporal context to organize data so it can be easily searched, visualized, and explored.

Through Survae’s platform, all data is automatically connected to a map and timeline and every frame of the video and imagery is geolocated, date and time stamped. The company’s visual search engine enables users to quickly find relevant data and watch video or images from any point on the map. All video and imagery can be easily shared with Survae’s interactive video/map player, as well.

As part of the new partnership, Parrot ANAFI and ANAFI Thermal drone users can submit visible and thermal videos directly to the Survae platform for easy-access and enhanced footage organization.

“This collaboration is the latest in Parrot’s SDK Partner program,” said Jerome Bouvard, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Parrot. “We are supporting the development of an ecosystem of solutions to meet the unique needs of Parrot’s professional drone users. Survae offers novel capabilities for visualizing and providing context for ANAFI video in both space and time.”

Through its SDK Partner program, Parrot is working with partners to create new professional applications, software and hardware that seamlessly integrate with Parrot ANAFI and ANAFI Thermal drones.

“We have been very impressed by the ANAFI Thermal as a cost effective and intuitive tool for capturing multiple types of imagery,” said Michael Mantell, COO for Survae. “We are excited to offer ANAFI customers powerful spatial and temporal context for their videos in enterprise applications, from long linear inspections and construction site surveys, to emergency response and public safety.”

To kick off the partnership, for a limited time Survae is offering a free test account for all qualified Parrot ANAFI enterprise and government users. ANAFI users can sign up at and then drag-and-drop visual and thermal video and 360 degree and regular stills, right into Survae from the SD card of their drone to see the data mapped. The software will easily display KMLs, KMZs and shapefiles for additional context.

To learn more about Parrot and Survae’s partnership, watch their recent video.