A Texan called Zack Myers recently uploaded this Instagram video of a DJI Mavic launching fireworks at drunk individuals.

Darwin would be proud, watching Natural Selection in action as these idiotic Texas A&M students recklessly use a drone to launch fireworks at each other, while clearly intoxicated.

Published to an Instagram page called ‘TheZackMyers‘ just a few days ago, this video has since become viral on social media networks such as Facebook with comments from viewers applauding the actions of these irresponsible Americans.

The drone appears to be a DJI Mavic, a highly capable consumer drone which despite carrying the firework payload fortunately maintains stable flight. However the force of launching a firework rocket in this context could easily have damaged onboard sensors or impacted a motor/prop which would have caused the drone to lose control.

If a firework rocket launched in an unexpected direction, a neighbouring property or even an individual in nearby proximity could have ended up with damage. How would these individuals feel if a firework arrived through the window of their baby nursery late into the night?

Drone operators do not own airspace, and so even if this stunt was performed on private property, it is irrelevant as soon as the drone leaves the ground.

These actions are contrary to FAA regulation as well as to common sense, the latter of which is clearly lacking in this group of mid-20s.

The vast majority of drone operators are sensible and would never participate in reckless activities like this, but the small minority can have a big impact on press and media. The likes of Zack Myers destroy hope for the rest of us by risking the reputation of drones and their owners.

What do you think about this viral video, comment below with your thoughts and opinion.

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