DJI Launch Event 15th May @ 9am ESTDJI Launch Event 15th May @ 9am EST

DJI are due to launch a new product to market today at 9am EST/2pm BST. This time there is surprisingly no physical event for this launch, fortunately coverage will be extensive online and DroningON will bring you all that you need to know.

Several products are rumored to be the topic of this exciting “Unleash Your Other Side” launch, leaks and speculation are rampant as usual, but until the launch itself nobody can be sure.

DJI announce new launch event for the 15th May 2019 with caption 'Unleash your other side'
DJI announce new launch event for the 15th May 2019 with caption ‘Unleash your other side’

After the launch there will be lots of editorial and video ‘opinion’ click-bait content, but very few will provide a hands-on product review with feedback on the successes and failures of this new product, we are very fortunate that we can.

See our launch premiere…

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The above video will go live at 9am New York time on the 15th, this equates to 2pm in the United Kingdom. In the video we will introduce the new product and provide reference to our two fully featured hands-on reviews, both in 4K.

Over the coming days, DroningON will release several additional articles and videos concerning the new product, so click the small bell icon bottom-right of this website to be notified.

Comment below with your thoughts on this new product launch, what would you be excited to see launched and what does it need to be able to do in order for you to consider buying it?

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