Hover 2 Camera Drone Teaser Launched Today Review Analysis

Hover Camera 2 Drone Announced By Zero Zero Robotics With AI

Being pitched as “The Drone that flies itself”, the  new model named ‘Hover 2’ from Zero Zero Robotics is long overdue, but this innovative new design may introduce fresh competition for the current market-leader, DJI.

The original Hover Camera drone launched in 2016 and was generally liked by consumers due to its folding compact size.

During our analysis, we spotted what would appear to be a mechanical gimbal of at least 2-axis design.
During our analysis, we spotted what would appear to be a mechanical gimbal of at least 2-axis design.

Available functionality and video quality was adequate considering technology available at the time of launch, plus it was introduced to a market where the average consumer video drone was still retailing at prices far beyond $1000.

The new Hover 2 at this time has no available specification but it launches on the 14th November. Just a short teaser video is available on which we have just provided analysis.

Watch our video analysis…

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Where to buy…

Instructions to buy

  • Hover Camera 2: Not yet available
  • Hover Camera 1 (GearBest)
  • Hover Camera 1 (Amazon)

Full specification…

We will publish the full specification of this drone upon its launch, in the meantime please review our analysis video above.

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