The UK CAA's first 'Drone Safety Day', held at Compton Abbas Airfield near Salisbury, featuring a demonstration of the Yuneec H520M Drone.

In an effort to improve relations and communication between the Civil Aviation Authority and drone users, the CAA held their first ‘Drone Safety Day’ this past weekend, focusing on bringing together GA (General Aviation) pilots, manufacturers and drone users.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”South Coast and South West drone users are being invited to a major free drone safety event at Compton Abbas airfield on Saturday 11th November. The first major event in the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) new ‘Share the Air’ campaign, the open day will give drone users and General Aviation (GA) enthusiasts an opportunity to learn from each other while promoting safe flying for all.”[/perfectpullquote]

CAA - Civil Aviation Association
CAA – Civil Aviation Authority, responsible for UK air regulation.

The CAA ‘Share the Air‘ campaign saw its first physical event held at Compton Abbas airfield, just outside Salisbury.

Over 130 attendees from various air-related activities were present, including an array of manufacturers, training schools, simulator providers and national bodies responsible for aviation regulation and air traffic control management.

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YouTube thumbnail for coverage of the CAA UK Drone Safety Day, in Compton Abbas

About the event…

The UK Civil Aviation Authority are often incorrectly looked upon as the ‘Drone Police’, in pursuit of locking down the fun and enjoyment of drones and RC aircraft.

The CAA acknowledge their widespread stereotype and are actively trying to change that image by opening communication and dialogue with the RC and FPV community, and its working.

Jonathan Nicholson, CAA Communications Department.
Jonathan Nicholson, CAA Communications Department.

Core highlights of the show were as follows:

  • The Phantom Flight School on hand to give flying and photography advice
  • Yuneec, global drone manufacturer, showcasing their latest models with a flying display
  • UAVision, a local drone distributor, providing expert advice and hand-on demonstrations of drone maintenance
  • V-Mach Media, a virtual reality specialist, providing two simulator units, allowing attendees to test out both racing and photography drones.
  • Air traffic control body NATS onsite to talk about their drone flying app and future work.
NATS were present at the show to discuss their air-traffic control data app, DroneAssist.
NATS were present at the show to discuss their air-traffic control data app, DroneAssist.

The CAA intend on working with other GA airfields around the United Kingdom and hope to announce similar events very soon, therefore interested parties should refer to the links below for additional information.

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