GoPro Response For GoPro Karma 2 Drone RumoursGoPro Response For GoPro Karma 2 Drone Rumours

Following a series of live-chat sessions with GoPro support, we were curious as to whether there might be a GoPro Karma 2 drone in the works, but shortly after our video was published, GoPro responded.

While chatting with GoPro live support to enquire on when their refurbished drones might be back in stock, hints were given towards there being a possible successor to the original GoPro Karma drone.

Considering that this might just be a fluke, we contacted another agent who stated that they could “tell us confidently that a new Karma is coming soon”.

We published a video shortly after to reveal our findings and almost immediately GoPro responded personally via email, as well a via a comment on our video.

The response is fairly clear, at this time GoPro are not planning to develop or launch a successor but perhaps the comments on the video (which were mixed) might give them some ideas for the future.

In the meantime, DJI continue to conquer the drone market with leading models such as the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom, consumers are still left desperate for competition to arrive.

You can see our original GoPro Karma 2 video below, we have pinned the GoPro response as the top comment:

Comment below if you would consider buying a GoPro drone if they were to relaunch a successor product.

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