A large bird and a plane collided in Florida, causing the pilot to emergency land

When a plane collides with a large bird at 1,000ft, the results are pretty devastating. Rob Weber from Florida discovered this while flying his Piper Saratoga, but would the result have been different if the impact was instead with a drone?

“It was a total shock,” Weber said as he inspected his aircraft Sunday afternoon. “I have had a lot of close-call bird strikes. But this was the first hit.”

Just ten miles away from his landing spot, Rob Weber was flying his 1984 Piper Saratoga at approximately 1,000ft when an unexpected impact almost changed the course of his life.

This story demonstrates that drones are not the only airborne threat, but what if the cause of the incident had been a drone?

The damage inflicted on the aircraft and the pilot might have been more severe, but the key point is that an individual would now be responsible, for flying his drone far above 400ft and for endangering a manned-aircraft life. Comment at the base of the article with your thoughts.

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