The FrSky X-Lite transmitter, review, unboxing, setup, binding and field test.The FrSky X-Lite transmitter, review, unboxing, setup, binding and field test.

RC transmitters need not be big, old fashioned and clumsy, that is where the brand new FrSky X-Lite comes into play with its modern, sleek and efficient design.

Gone are the days when the only options for transmitters were the traditional, bulky, heavy and cumbersome designs where each manufacturer simply remodeled the same chassis.

FrSky are innovating and the X-Lite is a great start, finally a transmitter which can be packed away without utilizing your entire suitcase storage space, featuring a removable antenna, packing a feature-set worthy of its bigger brother, the X9D.

Suitable for use with quads, planes, helicopters, gliders and wings, not only is this new transmitter portable but it is also versatile.

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Where to buy…

You can buy the FrSky X-Lite from most retailers, links to the best pricing are below:

The new, portable, sleek, modern and beautifully manufactured X-Lite from FrSky.
The new, portable, sleek, modern and beautifully manufactured X-Lite from FrSky.

The positives…

❍ Looks and feels modern and well built
❍ Good build quality, far better than X9D
❍ Most of the X9D features but in smaller form-factor
❍ Includes hard case for transporting/travelling
❍ Great value at only £100/$130

The negatives…

❍ No inbuilt charging circuit for the 18500 batteries
❍ Shame that the backlit display isn’t touch-screen
❍ Tricky to trim Yaw whilst flying for mode 2 pilots

Full specification…

The full technical specification for the FrSky X-Lite transmitter is as follows, based on their current published technical information:

● Ergonomic and compact design
● M12 Lite gimbal
✧ Hall effect high accuracy gimbal
✧ Mode conversion adjustments accessible without disassembly
✧ CNC machined gimbal pedestal
● High-speed internal and external module digital interface
✧ Internal: 450K, External: 420K
✧ Super low latency (Total latency < 20ms, lowest to 12ms)
✧ Compatible with new lite type external modules (R9M Lite, MPM Lite, etc.)
● Installed open source operating system– OpenTX
● Haptic vibration alerts and voice speech outputs (Headset jack and inbuilt speaker)
● Internal antenna and external antenna connectors
● 128*64 outdoor readable backlight LCD
● Smart Port, Headset jack , Micro SD card slot and Micro USB Port (*Charging function unsupported.)
● Easily accessible battery compartment, adaptive with (*Batteries Not Included) replaceable 18500 Li-ion batteries
  (*Battery Information: Flat Top / Height: 50mm / Diameter: 18mm)
Wireless function (Optional)
✧ Compatible with FrSky Free Link App
✧ Support wireless trainer system
 (* Need additional parts or order specific model)

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