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DJI Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro Bugs, Issues, Fixes and Solutions [Updated 17th Oct 18]

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Gimbal Glue/Fixing Issue (Isolated Incident)…

SOLUTION: Raise a ticket with DJI Support as this issue is extremely isolated at this time, with only a single known report.

The gimbal roll axis plate appears to be secured via a fixing pin and glued application.  We posted these images to Twitter and DJI Support fortunately responded to us with the following statement:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The industrial glue process used for the Mavic 2 is an established technology and is commonly used in the consumer electronics industry, as well as having been previously used in multiple DJI products (such as the Phantom 3 and for the Mavic Pro’s gimbal). The gluing process has passed comprehensive and rigorous testing to make sure it matches the high-quality standards that DJI sets to ensure we deliver a safe product that can be used with the utmost confidence. For the case you reported, DJI has promptly investigated the reason for the accident and handled the issue appropriately.[/perfectpullquote]

On this basis, the issue does seem to be unusual and rare but ensure that yours is stable and fixed securely on arrival.

Marked Gimbal / Loose Fitting Cover…

SOLUTION: Raise a ticket with DJI Support and provide photos to evidence the issue which appears to be caused by a loosely fitting gimbal protector/guard which has fallen off in transit.

A user named Ben George initially reported this issue via our DJI Mavic Facebook group, stating that his brand new drone arrived with a marked gimbal, he suspected that the gimbal lock/protector to have fallen off in transit.

Other users have also reported that their gimbal protector/cover is too loose and does not remain in place when fitted.

Obstacle Avoidance Side Sensors Not Working…

The side IR sensors of the DJI Mavic 2 drone

SOLUTION: This is by design, the left/right side obstacle avoidance sensors on the sides of the Mavic 2 are only functional when flying in ‘Tripod’ and ‘Active Track’ modes. 

Marketed as including 360 degree obstacle avoidance, this is only true when flying in specific modes. The side sensors of the Mavic 2 are single cameras and therefore not as responsive as the front facing 3D vision sensors, for this reason they can only be functional at slower flight speeds.

It is possible that future firmware upgrades may enhance the usability of these side-facing cameras.

Can the camera be swapped between Pro & Zoom…

SOLUTION: Yes it is possible but this procedure is not supported by DJI and it may invalidate your warranty. Be aware that DJI could limit this in a future firmware update.

The biggest decision involved in buying the Mavic 2 drone is ‘which camera’. The two drones are identical besides the camera and the price. Many have succeeded  in swapping the camera from one to the other, after doing so the app also automatically updates to provide controls for the fitted camera.

However, DJI do not support this procedure and it may cause your warranty to become invalid. In addition, a future firmware update from DJI may prevent this from working at all, unfortunately.

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