Pure FPV Flying with the X140 from FuriBeePure FPV Flying with the X140 from FuriBee

Earlier this year, we reviewed the awesome FuriBee X140, a 3″ quad with a great specification. With the sun finally arriving in the UK, its time for some pure FPV flying fun!

We have previously been flying this brilliant 3″ quad on a 3s battery, but it was time to experiment to give this quad even more punch. With a 4s the X140 screams and flies beautifully with stock PIDs and configuration.

Enjoy our video…

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YouTube thumbnail for the FuriBee X140 FPV Flight Test

You can also see our full review including additional flight test of the FuriBee X140 below:

YouTube thumbnail for the Furibee X140 review

Where to buy…

The FuriBee X140 is best bought directly from GearBest where it is currently at a bargain discounted price, under $100/£100! You can also find links to the other components used below.

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