The DJI New York Event in the Good Morning America studios

With the DJI event only hours away, the leaks, rumors and theories have been spreading across the internet over the past 48 hours, in true DJI-style, but what will this event reveal? We know because we have spent the past two weeks reviewing it! See it live here.

With speculation rife around whether the product(s) to be launched will be drone, camera or something entirely new, the internet is alive with activity. The Phantom 5 has always been a key wish from DJI consumers but we suspect that this will not make an appearance this year.

The event starts at 2pm EST (New York time) which equates to 7pm UK time in order to assist calculation!

We are very lucky to have received the latest DJI product for review and therefore have two videos queued and ready to ‘premiere’ at 2.15pm EST with the second shortly after at 2.30pm EST.

You can watch the reveal live here:

DJI Live Stream

Links to the two videos ready and waiting to premiere are below:

Unboxing & Setup…

Full Feature Test Review (4K)

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