Eachine QX90 FPV Quadcopter

Eachine QX90 FPV Quadcopter Review, Unboxing and Flight Test

Mini-FPV quadcopters are becoming more popular as they enable flight indoors when the weather outside is unfavorable. The ‘Tiny Whoop’ and ‘Inductrix FPV’ have paved the way for a number of cheaper clones, the Eachine QX90 from BangGood is one such aircraft.

Watch our video review…

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The positives…

❍ Cheap, $65-$70/£50-£60!
❍ Batteries are really cheap, $5/£4 each.
❍ Available in ARF or BNF versions.
❍ Fully Programmable via Cleanflight USB.
❍ Good quality VTX and camera.
❍ Very lightweight, only 54g with battery.
❍ Really manoeuvrable, sufficient power.
❍ Prop guards available (see video description).

The negatives…

❍ 170 degrees FOV is a little too much.
❍ Needs shock absorption under VTX.
❍ Gyro calibration may be necessary.
❍ Props can easily fly off, use dab of glue.
❍ No charger included (see video description).
❍ Has no battery-low buzzer/alert.
❍ The included batteries have no protection circuit.

Where/what to buy…

This mini FPV quadcopter can be bought with included receiver, therefore the only other components that you will need is a transmitter and an FPV headset.

One of the cheapest 2.5ghz transmitters available is the FlySky  FS i6, we also reviewed a budget FPV headset which would be ideal for the beginner.

Eachine QX90 (choose FlySky RX)
FlySky FS i6 Transmitter
Eachine VR D2 5″ FPV headset

As well as the above, you will require batteries and other spares, small quadcopters are easily damaged and therefore it is a good idea to order additional parts at the same time to avoid having to wait before you can fly again.

QX90 Spare Batteries
QX90 Prop Guards
QX90 Spare Props
QX90 Antenna Guard
QX90 USB Battery Charger

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