OnagoFly 1Plus (One Plus) Drone Unboxing and Review

OnagoFly 1Plus Drone Unboxing Review (Part 1)

OnagFly struggled with their first attempt at a small-scale autonomous drone but are about to launch their next model; named the OnagoFly 1Plus, and we have been sent one to test.

DroningON are the very first to unbox, inspect and review this new drone from OnagoFly, it is not yet available and is due to be officially launched over the next few months.

The new OnagoFly 1Plus is bigger, lighter, far more flexible with its removable battery and hopefully better but questions remain as to how OnagoFly will help the owners of the OnagoFly v1.0 model which still is not performing as it should.

Unlike their v1.0 model which was funded via an IndieGoGo Crowd Fund campaign, their 1Plus model will be pitched directly to consumers and retailers, for that reason OnagoFly know that this version has to work as promised, otherwise it will not sell.

OnagoFly have kindly sent this new model to DroningON for unboxing, review and test – here is Part 1 of our review.

Part 2 of our review is available here, click to read now!

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